The skin of the face is a sensitive area, constantly exposed to environmental factors, but also reflecting the health and lifestyle. By working at optimum level in the skin layers, GERnetic International products can stimulate the natural ability of the skin to renew and repair itself by targeting the heart of specific cells with active essential nutrients derived from high tech processes extracted from plants, micro algae and the marine world. From the epidermis, through to the dermal layer and muscle tissue, GERnetic International products work progressively and harmoniously with the skin, restoring function and balance to all skin conditions, ages and concerns  – acne, oily skin, wrinkles, sensitivity, scarring, redness, pigmentation and of course the reason why GERnetic was firstly formulated – fresh burns. Synchro is the fundamental underlying foundation to the entire range and a must have for everyone. From there, depending on your concern, your regime will be only be limited or defined by your skin needs at the time.  From a complex routine reversing time, or a simple portfolio to maintain you at your best. Anything is possible.

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