Body Coffret Anti-Cellulite


Trial Pack

Lympho 100ml

Tonic lotion for the body

Its relaxing virtues bring relief to tired legs, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of well-being. This lotion activates the micro-circulation and facilitates the absorption of the other body products. Lympho is decongesting. With biological compounds rich in amino acids, fatty esters, trace elements and a complex of alanine and glutamic and aspartic acids.Extracts of horse chestnut and ginseng and Seaweed extracts.

Vasco Artera 90ml

Anti Cellulit Body Cream

Biological compounds that supplies glutamines, carnitine, methionine, hystidine and glycine, vitamins E and PP and salts of magnesium and potassium. Nutritive and restorative complex improving blood circulation and vascularisation and promoting elimination of cellulite. Phytostimulines from lime blossom, horse chestnut, camomile, artichoke, cypress and burdock.

Vasco/Artera is recommended for any problem linked to poor blood circulation such as heavy legs, fluid retention and cellulite


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