Eye Mask 30ml

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Applied every morning and/or evening will bring a new youthful sparkle to your eyes in minutes. Being rich in draining ingredients, it eliminates puffiness, reduces dark circles and eye bags and freshens tired and dreary eyes through its very stimulating, but relaxing and tonic properties. Expect a tingle when the eyes are in need of some help.


1 review for Eye Mask 30ml

  1. Marcia

    Having used the Masque Yeux for a month now it’s really made a big improvement on how clear my skin is the dark rings have gone. The skin around my eyes have gone from being dark rings with baggy skin to a cleaner, brighter and smooth skin. Yes people No more Baggy Skin!..I love using this product at the moment. A happy customer.

    • The Skin Retreat

      Thanks Marcia. We love this product too! Especially after a sleepless night. The eye mask really refreshes the entire eye area.

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