Fact: Unwanted Facial Hair Affects Over 90% of Women


Unwanted facial hair can arise at any age. Hormonal, dietary and hereditary influences all affect your hair cycles and growth. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that is 100% permanent. It will not disrupt the hair cycle and aggravate existing hairs like waxing, shaving and other forms of hair removal can. All hair colours can be treated successfully, including blonde and grey as well as all skin colours.

Let our expert guide you on a treatment regime that will see results in as little as three treatments.

Also available is Diathermy, red vein removal and Skin Tag Removal.

“Electrolysis is offered by ‘Gippsland Electrolysis Clinic’ and is currently available on Saturday’s ONLY.

Please call The Skin Retreat at (03) 9078 3558 to make your booking.

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