Healthy Ageing From Inside Out

No Two Skins Are The Same

Did you know your skin is merely a reflection of your inner health?

The truth is there cannot be beauty without health. Adverse factors such as stress, smoking and pollution, lack of exercise, processed foods and inadequate water intake disrupt the alimentary balance. This results in deficiencies which not only bring malfunction to your digestive, circulatory and reproductive systems but also diminish your immunity leaving you vulnerable to illness and consequently the ageing process.


A Revolutionary Methodology

What if you could reverse time and restore the aging process the way nature intended?

What if we told you we use no conventional anti-ageing methods or equipment to achieve this?

Gernetic International Laboratories have created a revolutionary and unique approach to the ageing process.

Developed over 40 years ago, for a burns hospital in Paris, this high-tech anti-ageing system encompasses the sciences of cell biology, nutritional medicine, gerontology and genetics

Understanding life’s creation begins as a cell, Gernetic intelligently targets skin ageing at the very core. A highly complex delivery system alongside a hands-on application assists the process by way of relaxation and comfort ensuring optimal results.

Gernetic international skin programs provide an instant renewal to your skin and most importantly a progressive revitalisation of your ageing process in as little as 12 weeks.


‘Every skin and every person is different therefore treatment protocols will differ depending on your concern/s, lifestyle habits and budget.

Prices range from $57 – $187 and a brief consultation with our GERnétic Specialist will determine what’s best to get your skin back on track and what’s best for you at the time.

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