Genetics, lifestyle choices, dietary habits and environmental factors all play an integral part in how well we age.

Therefore, when choosing the right skin or body care, we must look beyond the skin to not only support our daily needs, but also provide a long term healthy solution.

GERnetic International, our product of choice for almost 30 years now, is a profound evidence based scientific method targeting the cause of every ageing concern from the face to the body, bust and hair .

Derived from only 100% natural sources, GERnetic delivers a complex synergistic myriad of vital nutrients such as amino acids, peptides, essential fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals through the skin, thus compensating for any nutritional deficiencies and allowing a progressive revitalisation of your ageing process.

Each program is meticulously assessed for your individual needs and comprises exclusive in-house treatments and supporting home care. Our treatment room offers you a home away from home;  a space to relax and unwind whilst being enveloped in fresh, sustainable comfort. We believe these to be essential to completing your in-house revitalisation. 

Our GERnetic skin and body programs are suitable for the following conditions at any age;

  • dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles
  • loss of elasticity, muscle atrophy, saggy skin
  • redness, sensitivity, visible capillaries
  • acne, blackheads, oily skins
  • acne and accidental scars
  • pigmentation, freckles and age-spots
  • fresh and old burns, post-operative and wound care
  • full body or localised weight gain
  • cellulite and fluid retention
  • poor circulation and veins
  • loss of muscle tone,  flabby skin and stretch-marks 

Combined with Elva’s extensive holistic experience in nutrition, fitness and skin biology we are confident you are on the right track to restoring a healthier, younger more beautiful you.

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